Looking to Consign?

How it works…

• We market and sell your maternity clothes for you! Yes you read it right, it is that amazing!

• You let us know when your items are ready and we will pick them up! Pick up is within city limits, but arrangements can be made to meet in Winnipeg if you live out of town. 

• Once we have gone through your items, those that have been accepted will be listed on our website. You will receive a summary email with a list of your items and their selling prices.

• The selling price of your clothing will typically be determined based on 40-70% of the estimated new retail value and the condition of the item.

• When your item sells, you will receive 40% of the selling price.

• The consignment period is a ‘full term’ of 280 days from the day your clothes are displayed on our website. At the end of the 280 days, we can extend it for another 90 days at a reduced price of 80% of the initial selling price, arrange for you to pickup your items or we can donate them on your behalf.

• Payout is via Interac eTransfer.

• Once you are ready to consign, email us at everaftermaternity@gmail.com and we will get you started!

• Something to think about when going through your clothes...if you wouldn't buy them, don't consign them :)